What is special about Estonia?

The Northern Star
Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, located by the Baltic Sea, next to Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. We’re known mostly for our digital ambition, but there’s a lot more to discover. It’s one of the most sparsely populated countries in the EU, where a lot can be done by a few. Welcome!


Charming Cities
Estonian cities reflect the country’s rich history and Northern European mentality. The urban environment in Estonia combines the comforts of modern world, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventures. A stone’s throw away you’ll find the cities’ business centres with modern towers, historical old towns, green parks, trendy neighbourhoods, districts of wooden houses, and large shopping centres. There’s something for every taste!


Clean Environment
Estonians are serious about nature. About half of the country is covered by forests and 1/5 by wildlife preserves. Estonia’s air is among the cleanest in the world, and the freedom to roam is codified in law. Pick berries, mushrooms, or herbs from organic collection areas. Go hiking on one of the 55 state-managed hiking trails. Or sit still and take inspiration from the sounds of nature. A short ride is all that’s required to experience Estonia’s full natural diversity, as little distance separates cities and nature.


Diverse Culture
Estonian culture is rich in contrasts and mixes old traditions with novel ideas. We are rooted in traditions, honouring and keeping the heritage of our ancestors. Tallinn’s medieval Old Town, Võrumaa’s smoke sauna traditions, the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, and the Seto leelo singing tradition have all been recognized by UNESCO as cultural treasures. The Song festival is still bringing together more than hundred thousand people every five years. With a strong connection to the past, our cultural scene is still modern and always evolving. Estonia is the home of the coolest city festival, Tallinn Music Week, and the most performed living composer in the world, Arvo Pärt.


Fine Food
Estonian chefs, food establishments and retailers have a similar understanding of the nature and future of Estonian cuisine. They are loyal to healthy ingredients cooked into simple dishes that reflect the mastery of Nordic culinary traditions. Today’s Estonian food is characterized by a fusion of gastronomic trends and old traditions. Little breweries, cosy cafes and home restaurants together with Scandinavian top cuisine offer seasonal organically grown food and make a trip to Estonia a true culinary adventure.



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