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Welcome to Sigulda – European Capital of Culture Partner 2014!

S!GULDA is situated on the both sides of the ancient valley of the Gauja River, Sigulda is one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia. For centuries, it has been captivating visitors from around the world wishing to experience the breathtaking view across the valley.

08:00 Pick up in Tallinn (location – hotel). Departure from Tallinn and transfer to Latvia
11:40 Arrival at Sigulda . Sigulda is one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia, you can find there archaeology, culture and art history. Medieval castle and church, Gauja Livs, the old manor canter and Dainu Hill – each tells its own story.
12:00 Turaida Museum Reserve . The most visited museum in Latvia, where you can get acquainted with expositions concerning archaeology, culture and art history, which tell the story of events that have occurred during the last 1000 years.
13:30 Gutman`s Cave. The greatest cave in Baltics. Its height is 10 meters; width is 12 meters but depth – 18.8 meters. Gutman`s Cave is unique with its ancient inscriptions on the walls, left by ancient travelers. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this Cave.
14:00 Lunch at Restaurant re:restaurant!
15:30 Elmār`s Sand Gallery. An art gallery is installed in the former brewery of Sigulda manor. Artist Elmārs Gaigalnieks has, over the past 17 years, created the unique technique of sand art which is in continuous development.
16:15 Bobsleigh and luge track Sigulda. 1420 meters, 16 curves and a 200 meters long braking distance – these parameters of Sigulda bobsleigh and luge track can be experienced not only by Professional athletes, but also by every visitor of Sigulda. In year 2015 Sigulda is going to be hometown for Word Championships in Luge sport.
17:00 Sports and active leisure center “Sigulda”. In summer time – cycling, running and rollerblading track. Perfect place for free time activities and professional athlete trainings. In the middle of track – climbing park Hedgehog tower – a wooden tower of unique architecture, which is 25 m high.
18:30 Medieval Dinner in Livonian Order Sigulda Castle. Listen to tales and legends about medieval feasting and traditions while enjoying carefully chosen dishes, prepared according to recipes from XIV century.
20:30 Transfer to Riga
21:30 Arrival at beautiful Capital city - Riga
21:15 Check-in at the hotel

DAY2 – 20th of September Welcome to Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014!

Riga – culture capital of the Baltics! Riga – an architectural pearl!
Riga – capital of gastronomy! Riga – place for active holidays!
Riga – where centuries meet! Riga – city for beauty and wellness!
Riga – city for shopping! Riga – city for your health!
Riga – city for your business!

09:00 Meeting at the hotel lobby
09:15 Walking tour Old town by foot. The route covers Riga Old Town, Boulevards. A guided walking tour of the medieval Old Town of Riga will lead you down the cobbled stone streets highlighting the most beautiful sights of the medieval Old Town.
11:00 Riga Central Market . Riga Central Market offers hemp seed butter, pork snouts, belash, the Latvian drink kvass, and other interesting food. This is a place where you can haggle with the vendors, enjoy a unique shopping experience, and the architecture. You can see from afar how architecturally complementary are Railway Bridge and the vaults of the Central Market hangars or 'pavilions'. Meanwhile, the market area and the pavilions feature the liveliness of buying/selling.
12:00 Spīķeri creative quarter. Meeting with European Capital of Culture 2014. Only at 15 minutes walking distance from the Town Hall Square and the House of the Blackheads there is the creative quarter Spīķeri hosting a concert hall, contemporary art exhibition hall, and restaurants. This is an unusual place for tourist guides with creative spirit.
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Latvian Design and Local Products. Shopping and free time

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